Friday, November 25, 2016

Duif Leger wagon

Next on my Dutch army build is Dove trailer (Duif Leger wagon), the Dutch still had a strong reliance on doves for messages, especially the reserve divisions. In my research I came across a lot of different documents, I have cherry picked a few of them and added them below.
My WIP is well underway with the wagon built from a german wagon bottom and Russian workshop on top.

Eenheid               Bericht- houder   Mand aanvals, Mand loopgraaf, Mand ransel, Mand rijwiel
Reg infanterie            10                    1                     1                                                     2
Grensbat Inf.              25                    4                     2                                                    1
Reg. Wielrijders         20                    6                                                                            2
Reg. Huzaren            20                    2                      1
Reg Huz Moterr         15                                                                          2                      1
KMA                           5                     1                       1                            1                      1
SROI                          5                     1                       1                                                    1
Kaderbat Laren         10                    4                       2                             1                     2
2R. G.. Tr.*                                                                                             1
* 1x Gaskast
Tabel 1: Materieel voor postduiven ingedeeld bij een aantal opleidingseenheden 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dutch artillery tractor

To start my Dutch artillery park I have part scratch built a model based on this picture.

The tractor I used is a "Oxford" 1/87 model with scratch built hubs, SHQ box and tarp, early war miniatures driver, the limber is a "Minarions" piece with the seat from the bits box, boxs etc from airfix.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

28mm Rhodesian Light Infantry and Alouette III G car

After more than three years in the painting pile I finally put these guys onto the table about a month ago, just before I moved house from the outer suburbs of Sydney to the inner west of Sydney.

I really like the figures and they were a joy to paint, I have an original RLI camo jacket in my collection so I had a very good idea about the  camouflage, I loved the patrol pose and the weapons are superb sculpts, I used a SLR  and mag 58 during my service so happy to see them so well done.

The Alouette III  G car helicopter proved to be a much tougher model with a lot of fiddling to get it correct, I strengthened the blade connection with wire and plastic card, I have also made a stand for the beast as it is too heavy for the wheels, I am very happy with the result also.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shooting for the Stars!!!!

Well a happy New year to all of my fellow gamers and bloggers' out there, I have been thinking about what I would like to achieve this year with my gaming and modelling today, so I have decided to commit something to paper.

My primarily goal this year is that I would like to improve my airbrushing skills and use it a lot more, buy some video tutorials and even going for a lesson or two are high on my list. I currently have a Aztek 430 with a number of nozzles, I am sort of happy with it, but may fork out some more cash and move to a Iwata after using one on a friends model car, I found the control and clean up much easier.

On my list of ww2 and modern's I would like to complete

  1. Complete 9th and 10thh for Arnhem
  2. Fallschirmjager and Luftwaffe field division for Arnhem
  3. British Para refit and build gliders and bits
  4. French vehicles and infantry
  5. Belgian infantry, trucks and hawker hurricane
  6. Modern Russians vehicles and figures
  7. Modern Americans vehicles, figures and aircraft
  8. Polish replace plastic figures with metal and complete more vehicles
  9. Dutch figures and vehicles
  10. Fix up workshop so I can make another display cabinet and do the terrain boards
  11. Buildings....lots of buildings....did I mention lots of buildings
  12. Terrain revamp and building hedges, roads, fences, walls, nick knacks, fields, and a desert table and a possible rebuild of a certain table....with sculpted terrain and teddy bear fur.
I do hope you have a great year!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Operation "Popcorn chicken" Попкорн курица

Damien, Dan and myself decided to have a midweek fame at my place this week, and we decided to have a modern game using Modern Rapid Fire rules.

Damien selected the west Germans and Dan the Russians, I umpired the game, the game was a seesaw game, the soviets finally won though after both Leo 1s were destroyed and the infantry failed morale roll and surrendered.

West Germans advance to take up defensive positions

All quite

The greasy chicken in the striped roof, we joked that if the soviets could not get close the soviet would target it with artillery and create some popcorn chicken!
Leo takes out the btr 80 at long range

Another BTR80 destroyed, but it did reveal a leopard 1
Who was then destroyed by a t80
Which in turn was destroyed by a brave Russian using a RPG

Btr80 destroyed by a leopard 1

Sunday, October 11, 2015

WIP Amoit 143

Currently working on a French 1/72nd Smer/ Heller Amoit 143 that I purchased off Ebay earlier in the year. This bomber was mostly used for night bombing as it was outclassed by the german fighters during the daytime. I decided to build it as it was used on a effective daylight raid on the bridgeheads across the sedan on the 14th of May 1940. The model has no interior at all, and as I like to have pilots and gunners in all my models. So following some plans I have found online I have built a simple representation and have included a pilot, co pilot, bombardier/observer, (airfix pilots) rear, forward, mid section gunners (airfix Bren gun carrier drivers modified)

The pilots single seat

Looking back towards the rear of the plane, the observer, co pilot and engineer, not the control column coming down from the flight deck above, and the ladder against the wall, ( which you used to access the upper deck to the pilot), behind the co pilot was a bomb bay.
Looking toward the front at the bombardier and observer co pilot

Interior layout

Saturday, October 10, 2015

French Leo 451

This French fighter bomber only flew a few missions before being withdrawn from the frontline due to losses during the invasion of France, yet to see combat on the table it has not yet been named, I do hope that the unlucky General comes for a visit with his 1940 Germans so I can try it out!